European policymakers are working on the largest internet filter we’ve ever seen. That might sound a tad dramatic, but it’s really not an overstatement. If the proposal is accepted, websites such as Soundcloud, eBay, Facebook, and Flickr will be forced to filter everything you want to upload. An algorithm will be the boss over which of your uploads will be seen by the rest of the world and which won’t. Any ideas how to reach your markets in such circumstances?

Europe is on its way towards big China firewall, there will be (as they already exist) magic mesh, P2P, blockchain or other technical solutions bypassing law imposing censorship but it doesn’t mean that technicians or dissidents won’t be arrested in Europe, where even a purring cat will not be allowed into cyberspace. Law is a law, letting is pass thinking how to later bypass it claiming that you are not a criminal is not the smartest business strategy. The solution is simple just say no to censorship in Europe! 

So, everyone is a loser, it doesn’t make sense? Remember those old-fashioned analog businesses, big publishing industry you make fun of thinking they lost the market game in the digital age? Oh well, it seems that you can lobby your way from becoming obsolete,  and they are doing so in this epic game them vs everyone else breaking the Net, not required for their business model. It is bold and so outrageous that is freezing people into passivity, passing easily steps of legislative procedure needed to become an EU law.

If are you a coder; a food blogger, a blogger, a game developer, a journalist, a writer, a musician, a DJ, a photographer, a dancer or an academic take a  look at those short videos explaining this major disruption for your business.

If your MEP is backing Internet kill bill, killing your business, wouldn’t you like to kill his or her political career on forthcoming EP elections? Let’s go after them, now: