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Then: A little girl was born in a big country which was later broken up into many small countries after a war trumpeted and fanned by nationalism.

Now: That little girl has grown up and becomes part of a Cybernation. She says “We are all now part of a Cybernation.” Besides our physical countries, we also come from the Cyberspace, a new home of mind like John Parry Barlow said.

I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask you of the past to leave us alone. You are not welcome among us. You have no sovereignty where we gather.

Yugoslavia broke up in several republics (including Croatia, my country or origin) following the war starting the year 1991. One year afterwards in November 1992, the new connectivity has been established when the first international connection linking Zagreb (Croatia) and Vienna (Austria) became operational.

Then: families separated by war could not communicate

Now: By 2016 an estimated 74.2 % of the Croatian population was using the Internet from home, work, and school as well as from their mobile phones, communicating with the whole world.

Today on the 12th of March, for the Web 30th birthday and following his 30 years of dedicated service to humanity there is no better time to ask what we can do #ForTheWeb. What can I do for my nation?

I am struggling to find words of gratitude for all the connections, all the knowledge, all those opportunities, and all of that jazz.

I hope to live long enough to see:

“All off the people, all of the Internet, all of the time”. Web Foundation · April 16, 2015.

What has my contribution been so far?

I have spent the past two years as a ‘citizen lobbyist’ investing all my time and energy to #SaveYourInternet from automatic upload filters designed to convert the Internet into the FilterNet.  In spite of two years of heroic effort against overwhelming vested interests…we lost the battles so far, but not the war. On the 23rd of March, the European Parliament will come to its final conclusion for the future of the free and open Internet in Europe

Mobilized by this directive I embarked on my long and not so rewarding digital rights path. I made my personal declaration of allegiance to the virtues and values of free Cyberspace. My thoughts blended with my favourite expressions of freedom: “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” John Perry Barlow from 1996 and the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

This type of creative expression will no longer be allowed on the proposed European Filternet. Our freedom of expression will be suppressed in just a few months if the notorious #Article13 passes. The bots are not equipped to recognize freely available public domain content including popular memes or quotations. For example, it cannot recognise me quoting myself to renew my vows.

“We hereby proclaim the Digital Republic as a Sovereign Independent CyberNation, and we pledge our virtual lives to the cause and protection of its freedom of speech, freedom to conduct a business, freedom to love, to create art, free software, and open code, to learn and to teach, to quote, to blog, do dance and its exaltation among the nations.

The Digital Republic is entitled to, and hereby claims, the allegiance of every Cyberman and Cyberwoman. The Republic guarantees open access rights and equal virtual opportunities (Net Neutrality and broadband) to all its citizens, cherishing all of the children of the nation of the cyber community equally, regardless of the size of their company lobbying machine.“

Now, isn’t that Republic worthwhile fighting for?

The Croatian press declared me ‘Priestess of the Internet’ when I said that connectivity in one all-knowing field is my religion:

“In this supreme hour the Digital nation must, by its valour, energy, and endeavour, and by the readiness of its children to sacrifice themselves for the common good; prove itself worthy of the august destiny to which it is called, evolving towards new consciousness based on mankind’s one collective field of intelligence where we unite with the all-knowing infinite potential abolishing ignorance as part of mankind’s existence. It is our divine right and duty to peruse this noble cause. Anyone imposing obstacles to fulfilment of our destiny is breaching the highest law of creation.”

It is therefore appropriate for me to conclude with a prayer:

“We place the cause of the Cyberspace Nation under the protection of the Highest Digital Creator God and the Creative Digital Messiah’s whose blessings we invoke upon our keyboards in the names of open code, open science, open access, open data, open minds and digital commons. May the infinite power of creation be the protector of our glorious Cyber Nation.”

Dear Web, tomorrow on your birthday, I shall be present for your 30 hours celebration, thank you for inviting me to “Help build a timeline of the web’s history”:

The World Wide Web turns 30 years old on March 12. To celebrate this birthday, we’re crowdsourcing a Twitter timeline of the most important milestones in the web’s history. And we need your help. Web Foundation · February 27, 2019

Each hour over a 30-hour period on March 12 and 13 will represent a year of the web’s history. The Web Foundation will activate the timeline with a tweet at 08:00 CET, representing 1989, the year Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web. Then at each consecutive hour, there will be posts from founders, influencers, brands, inventors and activists around the world, recalling a significant moment from the web’s history.

To make sure this timeline tells a full story of the web, we’d love you to contribute your top web moments. They might be personal milestones, ways the web has changed the world, websites you loved or memes you couldn’t stop sharing.

To contribute, tweet using the following format and hashtags.

In (x year), ____________ #Web30 #ForTheWeb”

Dear Web,

Thank you so much for being born and becoming such a vital part of mine and the lives of so many people. Before your arrival, I could not imagine you in my wildest dreams or prayers.

You contributed wonderfully and enriched my life immeasurably during the 30 of your existence and I fervently hope you continue doing so. As long as your heart continues beating for one humanity connected in an open, fair and secure way, my life and the lives of countless others will continue to be enriched in ways we cannot even imagine.

Yours truly,

Leina from the Internet