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Since 2016 Change has become one of the biggest Croatian software conferences dedicated to enterprise solutions. This year, we’re going even bigger and better, hosting more variety of speakers.

What is the economic impact of prohibitive tech regulation and how to measure it?

As a founder of Digital DemoCroatia, Croatian association for digital rights and democracy, Leina Meštrović made quite an impact in the field of EU tech policy on a national level with her recent engagement on the EU copyright reform. She is an ex European Commission employee and an open-access advocate associated with European Digital Rights – EDRi, and many other digital rights organizations across Europe. Leina is a proud digital addict and a great fan of Brussels tech policy bubble & of P2P Tech Utopia – not the one from 1984 though:)  Her greatest fears are digital and real-world bugs, censorship, internet access blocking (Net shutdowns) and violation of Net Neutrality.  Her vision is to connect, synergize and energize digital rights and business IT circles in a defense of open Internet both with political and technological measures. The mission is to keep the flow of communications, ideas, knowledge, business opportunities, and innovation, all of them being recently tackled by hostile government policies around the world, for the first time Europe inclusive. Her question to the business community is only one: are you in the business of staying in business?