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I am a polymath, Internet enthusiast, and natural social alchemist, immensely curious about how (to make) systems (better) work, how can tech, new (peer to peer) ways of organizing and collaborative economy address the challenges of our time. I am also a passionate knowledge worker formally trained (three Masters Degrees) in areas of Psychology, Sociology, and Communications, acknowledging knowledge commons, the cooperative Peer to Peer Foundation, as my (virtual) alma mater.

Topics of my keen interest are: Digital transformation, Education/skills for the future, Civic Technology & Digital social entrepreneurship, Coworking, Coliving, Networked Organisations, New ways of organizing, Open Source, Basic Income, Decentralised Web, Collaborative Economy, Collaborative Cities & Territories, Participatory democracy, Sustainable Development, Social Innovations & much more.

Last six professional years I spent working for the European Commission in Brussels. My best take away from that period was a fantastic opportunity to be influenced by great minds lecturing in the European Commission like Frederic Laloux author of “Reinventing Organisations.” His experience-based advocacy for excellence and efficiency of self-managing systems defined the way how I see the organizational culture.  EC Participative Leadership (Art of Hosting) training gave me experience and inspiration to further my knowledge of related concepts such as Sociocracy or Holocracy. The way how we work together is crucial to the success of every organization and business venture because most of them fail due to governance issues. I worked and studied hard to develop my “special power” of getting to the core of governance problems combining my skills as a psychotherapist and facilitator. Enabling the organization to access its collective intelligence means unlocking trapped business potential.

Living in Brussels exposed me to a multitude of fascinating influences of highly innovating networks, inspiring my personal and career transition (do I have stories to tell:) focused on seeking my meaningful contribution to operating system paradigm shift. After leaving Brussels, I spend several months as a digital nomad, two months in Bali because I wanted to experience working with digital nomads in one of the most popular Hubs in Southeast Asia, Hubud.

Afterward, I take on the role of community manager for civic organization Commonomia from Tenerife, promoting sharing economy,  (digital) social innovation and participative democracy trough event Tenerife Colaborativa in collaboration with local administration and University in La Laguna. I was part of a small dedicated local team organizing the summit for collaborative economy think-thank Oui Share.

This woman in transition is a firm believer in commons, common logic, common language and common sense, P2P and OPEN everything: open minds, open organizations, open society and open science but mostly in the open Internet.

I am a religious-like believer in a connected, borderless, permission-less, limitless Internet that creates opportunity and progress for all (open data, open science or innovation, open code, decentralization, open source technologies, tech for good). I am actively following work of EDRi, an EU organization promoting digital rights and influencing EU tech policy on behalf of civil society, as well as work of MEP Julia Reda. I will be mostly blogging about digital rights, open access, and Net Neutrality because free Net is the fundamental foundation for emerging peer to peer paradigm shift based on civic innovation.

After several years collaborating with different European digital rights organizations (Copyright, privacy, Net Neutrality, GDPR) in May 2018 I founded the only Croatian NGO for digital rights, digital social innovation, open access, and e-democracy: Digital DemoCroatia. I am also an author on Croatian most popular ITC portal Netokracija

I will continue collaborating with stakeholders promoting open access all around the world, but after two years of mostly online collaboration, I would now like to join a physical team.  I see myself as a generalist contributor to an agile team, looking to develop further an interdisciplinary career path in a learning organization producing impactful ideas and services to answer social challenges while facilitating businesses, communities, and individual transition to collaborative and innovative human-centered business models. I stay on top of all operational details like a workflow wizard continually seeking to improve my personal and my team organizational effectiveness. I am also a proactive, versatile, innovative, creative and highly collaborative professional with 10+ years’ of progressive expertise in Project, Customer Relations, Community, Event, Knowledge and Change Management, Human Resources, Business Development, Communications, EU tech policy, and problem solving for public administration, corporate, SMEs, NGOs & start-up ventures. I believe I am ready for the future of work while seeking partners to embark on this journey with me.


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15th birthday of European Digital Rights in Brussels

For me, the most memorable moment was as described in EDRi tweet below.  This keynote talk reminds us of the thin line between totalism and democracy, portrayed from memories of the boy growing up in Poland under the Marshal law. Who are those bad guys that secret...

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